Adding to My Family Tree and some pedigree chart jokes

I finally added a person to my tree!  Well okay, actually I added this little cutie to my family almost three months ago but I officially added her to my pedigree on FamilySearch today! I feel so accomplished just by adding her name on there. I also added her to my own database, Rootsmagic, which is the software I love to use to be in complete control of my family tree.

Little Miss Addi is such a sweet baby. Which is good because she has to deal with her mom being addicted to family history. I know, crazy right? Well, since having a baby isn’t going to stop me, I decided we are going to make adventures  out of this genealogy stuff. And so, here is probably the youngest genealogist ever! And I might argue the cutest one too! 😉  I will be dragging her everywhere, but she seems pretty okay with it all!


And if babies in big glasses wasn’t funny enough (especially when trying to eat them), check out these funny memes about pedigree charts!


Maybe some of you feel like this:

Genealogy Pain--- It used to say "Find Husband," and I always thought, "yes please!":

So maybe you could use a great pickup line:

25 hilarious Mormon Memes:

So that’s how Vader found out!

How many of you have found a surprise in your tree?  #StarWars…:


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