We Use Family Names

Our little genealogist here -Adaline Louise- has family names and we love that!  Though it was hard at first to find names that both my husband and I liked and could agree on. But this is what we decided on and we both love it!  She has two family names, one from each side of our family. We think it’s a special way to keep a legacy in memory of family members we knew or have come to know.  Her nickname is Addi Lou. ❤

hospital-editedHere’s our sweet baby in the hospital.

Adaline is from my side and is more distant.  We were both scanning through our family trees for ideas and we came up with a list. Adaline was one of the options we liked. And we chose this particular spelling because that is how it is listed on my tree on FamilySearch. Plus, I like it better that way.  It’s a very elegant and feminine name meaning ‘noble’ and comes from the name Adelaide. Originally German. Other forms for this name is Adeline and Adele.

Louise comes from the only grandparent my husband remembers. She was a really fun and slightly crazy lady whom I wish I could’ve met. I thought it was a sweet way of honoring her and his father’s family. I know my father-in-law was touched when he found out we had decided to give our little girl a middle name.  And that’s the power of family names! Louise is actually quite a powerful name. Having French origin, it is the feminine  version of Louis meaning ‘famous warrior, renowned fighter.’

So this Baby Genealogist has quite a meaningful name with ‘noble warrior’ but also family ties.  Yes, we always plan on using at least one family name with all our kids. And yes, we do want more kids… eventually. I’m still trying to figure out how to take care of one! Do you like using family names? What are some names you love from your family tree? Leave a comment!


Also, here is a funny meme about names:

Just when you think you discovered that brick wall ancestor, you also find out he, his son and grandson seem to all have the same name. Frustrating? Yes! Has this happened to you? #familyhistory #genealogy #ancestry #ancestors #family #heritage #roots #genealogists:


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