Research Behind the Name Adaline part one: in memory of Adaline Elizabeth Pond Hawks

The name Adaline comes from my side of the family and I fell in love with it as I searched my family tree for name ideas.  It also was a name that my husband and I could finally agree on!  I also love the spelling with an ‘a’ as I feel like it’s a little more unique. Older names are definitely back in style right now but I just love names with a rich heritage.

Here is what I have been finding about my ancestors with the name Adaline. I didn’t know a whole lot when I found the name so it’s been fun learning more! Adaline Elizabeth Pond is the sister of my 4th great-grandfather (fifth for the baby genealogist Adaline), Stillman Pond, who was a very prominent pioneer. There is quite a bit written about him and his trials as he crossed the plains. But there isn’t a ton written on his family he grew up in.

Adaline was born in Massachusetts and was christened on July 29, 1826. She was the  child of Preston Pond and Hannah Rice.

She married George P Hawks on Jan 7, 1851 in Worcester. George sure had a hard life! He had three wives, two of them died prematurely. And he had two sons and two daughters die before him as well!

Adaline was his second wife and she died almost five years after they got married. She died at the young age of 30! The cause was stated as a liver complaint and was on Dec 10, 1855, just four months after their last daughter was born! That daughter was also named Adaline.

They had three kids together, Abby Jennie, Frank Lewis, and Adaline Sophia.  Frank died as a baby and Abby was one of the daughters that died before her father as well. I can’t imagine how George must have felt with all of this death in his family!  He did remarry four years later after Adaline passed away.

I don’t know much more information than that.  I have seen marriage records for their kids but that’s about all. I would totally love to find a picture but I don’t know if that’s possible.  Please contact me if you have any other information!

So that wasn’t a very funny post.  But I might as well add some jokes anyway!  Sometimes we are surprised what we find in our family trees:

Family History isn't always serious as noted in the following comics

There is also a funny piglet cartoon at the Off the Mark website by Mark Parisi. Check it out!


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