Research Behind the Name part two: Adaline Sophia Hawks Lincoln

Like I have said, the name Adaline came from my side of the family. And no we did not get it from the movie. We got it from family!

Adaline Sophia Hawks was the youngest daughter of George Perkins Hawks and Adaline Elizabeth Pond.  (See my post about them).  They called her Ada. She was only four months old when her mother died, so she would have only remembered her step mom, Abigail Elizabeth Sparhawk.

Her sister Abby had a rough life as well. Having her baby brother and mother die while she was really little.  Then she when she got married,  she lost a baby boy of her own and also a little girl who was 5 years old.  And then at age 25, Abby also passed away,  leaving her husband with their last living child,  Marcus,  who was 3 at the time.

So Adaline stepped in and married her brother-in-law, Eugene Lincoln, on Dec 1, 1879, two years after Abby’s passing. I wonder if she had been helping take care of Marcus before then as well.

Adaline and Eugene did not have any kids of their own,  which I found evidence of in the 1900 US Federal census.

Eugene served in the Civil War on the Union side along with Adaline’s father,  George.  Ada received a pension after her husband’s death.  He had served as a private in the Vermont Infantry,  8th Regiment.

Now I have been trying to find a death record for Adaline and can’t find it anywhere so far!  I will be writing to the Massachusetts state archives to see what I can find.  Her husband Eugene died in 1923 and she started receiving the pension. I also cannot find jet in the 1930 census,  though I’m not sure if that means she died before then or I just can’t find her there either.  I’m still looking and again if you have any additional information on this family,  please let me know!

This is about how I’m feeling at the moment:

Hope your weekend searches are going well!:


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