Family-made Blankets, keepsakes for Addi

Aren’t homemade things the best?  Especially when they are made with love from family members! In this post, I want to showcase all of the beautiful blankets family made for Miss Addi Lou.



This one was made by my mom,  Addi’s nana.  Adaline is her very first grandkid! I know she spent a ton of time on this cute minky quilt.  I love Africa and safari animals so I decided to do that for the nursery.  And this adorable quilt fits perfectly!



Here is the blanket from Grandma Maurer,  my mother-in-law. She crocheted it which turned out so cute! She is so talented.



This cute blanket was made by my grandma,  Adaline’s great-grandma!  I love the cute safari animals and it’s so soft!



Here is an adorable blanket and doll set made by my aunt-in-law made, Addi’s great aunt Kate.  Isn’t it so cute?  This little red riding hood pattern is adorable and includes a doll and a little wolf!

So shout out to our awesome family and their talents!  Thank you for the cute blankets!

I remember the blankets that family members made me and I will cherish them forever! I’m sure Adaline will do the same with these beautiful keepsakes.


Now for some humor…

Read more funny genealogy quotes & sayings on the GenealogyBank blog:

I’m not sure which one I am yet… but I guess either one is a positive thing:

Genealogy LOL ;):


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