Counting Down to Rootstech 2017!

It’s February!  Which means the Rootstech Family History Conference is only days away!  You better believe we are counting down over here at our house! We seriously can’t wait.  I got to go last year and it was a blast. This year, the conference is from Feb 8 to Feb 11, one week away!!! Saturday Feb 11 is Family Discovery Day which is free! But you have to preregister for a spot. More info at

Okay first of all, I wasn’t sure if I could make it this year since we aren’t quite as well off financially as we were without a little baby ;).  But I saw a blog was having a giveaway for a Rootstech pass. So I excitedly entered! And later found out I had lost.  Well, there went my shot this year. And then I thought well, of course other blogs are probably doing giveaways. I quickly Googled it and found a handful that had passes but most of them were over. And then I found which still had a giveaway going so I quickly entered. Finally, luck was in my favor! I won a full Rootstech pass plus the Innovator Summit! That’s more than I did last year. I can’t even express my excitement or gratitude for the opportunity. So a big shout out to Family Locket! They have a way cute blog focusing on how to get kids more involved in genealogy. Definitely check them out!

Here is what we are doing to prepare for this big event:


  • My cousin is amazing at making shirts with vinyl so I had her make me couple of onsies for little Addi to wear since she is tagging along. Look how cute they are! Thanks Ashli!
  • It’s definitely important to look at the schedule at all the class options. I always have a hard time choosing which classes to go to! To help me decide, I look at each day and write down all the ones I think sound fun or interesting. Then I go back through and really think about each one. I will look at the course descriptions and even at the speaker profiles to decide my top favorite class. I also choose a second favorite just in case something happens.



  • Download the Rootstech app!  It’s free and has a lot of great features. They keep you up to date on changes and other notifications before and during the conference. They have all the class info on there and you can add your schedule in there to get more specific notifications. You can also add ‘friends’ and share your schedule with them so that you can go with someone or plan to meet up in between classes.


My husband bought me this really cute notebook with a tree on it for last year’s conference. I am definitely bringing this and some reliable pens, my tablet, some snacks, and of course the Baby Genealogist herself! What are you taking with you? Comment below. We would love to see you there at Rootstech!



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