Memories of Grandma Maurer

So I just wanted to honor Grandma Louise Maurer further by asking family members what their favorite memory of her was.  I got some sweet experiences! Here are some of them:


“My favorite memory of grandma Maurer is that she always loved to talk. She loved to talk about her family, how beautiful it was outside and how the gospel blessed her life. I could sit for hours and listen to whatever she had to say. She was full of life and love for everything and everyone.” Eric, grandson (Addi’s uncle)
“I don’t have a lot of memories of grandma Maurer when I was a kid because they lived far away and only visited occasionally. On one of their visits I remember I was in the fridge drinking out of the milk jug and she caught me and scolded me. I remember more when I was older and they moved to Utah.  Grandma did not cook. Grandpa always did the cooking. We would go to their house for the 4th of July and watch fireworks.” Sue, granddaughter (Addi’s aunt)
“My favorite memory of Grandma Maurer is that she always had the best sense humor.  She loved to laugh and she appreciated a good joke.  I also loved hearing her talk about when she and Grandpa met.  They loved each other so much and I loved to hear their love story.” Christine,  granddaughter (Addi’s aunt)
“All I remember is that grandma loved to dance and read dancing magazines.” Gerald,  grandson (Addi’s uncle)
 “She took me shopping at a hand craft fair. That was the first time I had ever been to one. I always liked to go but could never afford to buy anything. Another time she took me to a movie. It was Quigley Down Under. Loved the movie; hated the popcorn. She had them drown it in butter. To this day I never let them put butter on my popcorn at the movie theater.” Cathy, daughter-in-law (Addi’s grandma)
“My favorite memory of my mother was her reading stories from the Book of Mormon when I was sick, especially the one about the 2000 stripling warriors.” Brad, son (Addi’s grandpa)
“I Will never forget my Mom’s time spent in Library Science school at the University of Tulsa in 1963-65. She was so happy there and was almost done with her Library Science degree…just one semester left. ..when we moved to Dayton…and she never completed it, but those were peaceful happy days spent at the University Library. She used to take me with her to campus, and enrolled me in the children’s theatre program while she attended classes. She looked so beautiful and dressed up when we would go…I spent more than one happy afternoon in the children’s library while she did her practicum at the back desk…I remember that they had a beautiful fish pond in the main lobby. Those were definitely some of my best memories of Louise.” Corinne, daughter (addi’s great aunt)
 And here is Adaline Louise, a tribute to Grandma:

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