Trip to the Ogden Daughters of the Utah Pioneers Museum

Rootstech is only 5 days away!!!

My grandma (Addi’s great-grandma) has been a member of the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers (DUP) for a while. I decided over a year ago that I wanted to join.  I was pregnant with Adaline at the time. I have been enjoying going to the monthly meetings. And I was always the youngest one there…. until Adaline was born of course!  She seems to enjoy them too.

For one of our meetings,  we took a trip at the Ogden DUP Museum. It was a nice place with lots of artifacts and heirlooms from the pioneers. They have even expanded to the basement.  I just wanted to highlight a few things we saw there. We totally matched that day on accident!



My mom,  my sister,  and I play the violin,  so this was a fun find for me. The plaque says “Oliver Penrod played this violin while crossing the plains and also in North Ogden and Liberty at dances and funerals.”

“Baby dress owned by Lenora Peek.” I wanted to get more of the dress with Addi in the picture but this is what my grandma took. She doesn’t look too thrilled about it!


We found some fun baby items like this cradle.  The description says “Wood.  Came from Germany in the mid-17th century. It was brought to Utah from Pennsylvania in the fall of 1941 by Mr and Mrs Samuel I. Hess, who were war workers. It was given to Mrs Hess by Joseph Eshenbaugh age 80 years of Shiremanstown. According to his word, his mother was rocked in this cradle.”


This beautiful rocking chair,  if I remember right,  was made by Brigham Young.


“Baby shoes worn by Lenora Peek, 1890s.” Their feet were tiny!



“Model ship made by hand and given to Wm Driver, Early Ogden Drugest.” Ignore our reflection in the background.

It is a great museum and we recommend stopping in if you are ever in town.


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