Rootstech Reminacing from 2016


Last year was my first time at Rootstech and it was a blast!  I was determined to always go every year after that.  We will see if I can do that!  I was actually pregnant with Adaline at the time though most people couldn’t tell yet. There was definitely a lot to see, do, and learn! I defintely learned so much.  And they have fun guests and keynote speakers come every day.  Last year,  Stan Ellsworth came riding in on his motorcycle! 

The Expo Hall had a lot of booths from different companies all relating to family history.  They have great sales for Rootstech, drawings, and fun activities. Here is a funny picture with my husband and sister. 

Friday night they had a Cultural Event and they will do it again this year. It was a really fun way to end the day with singing and dancing from different cultures.  Here is some Hawaiian and New Zealand dancing:

Family Discovery Day is free and for the whole family to come and enjoy. It’s mostly inspirational but there are still classes and learning going on.  Here is my family that came with me and Scott Fisher all dressed up from the radio show Extreme Genes. He is hilarious. 

I loved Rootstech lay year and can’t wait for this year!  I highly recommend the event as a must in family history,  even if you can only go to the free Family Day!


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