Rootstech 2017 Day 1 &2

We are here!  And having a blast! And I am thinking Addi might just be the youngest genealogist here. She has been doing so good!  For the most part….

The first day,  we did mostly business classes since I won an innovator summit pass as well.  I would love to work in the industry so it was great for me! 

Day 2 was the general opening and that was so fun!  The Property Brothers, Jonathan and Drew Scott,  came and talked about their interest in their family heritage and were really funny. They love their Scottish ancestry and even collect swords and have had custom armor made. 

We learned a lot in our classes like how to more effectively research parish records, where to find Scottish records and how to use Google Earth for family history.  We also learned about apps to help us on the go like Pocketbooth, Adobe Photo Express and Flipboard. It was awesome.  Of course during breaks,  Addi did some tummy time and took naps during classes. Score! 

We went to the NextGen Genealogy Network luncheon and talked with other younger genealogists. We even met some speakers!  One is Melissa who made an app for kids!  It’s called Little Family Tree and is available on both iphone and android. It’s really fun so check it out!  

And we met some awesome people and made some new friends. 

Our new friends Vicki and Kristi

What a great conference so far!  Thanks to everyone who has said hi! 


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