Rootstech 2017 Day 3

Today has been amazing! We are still having so much fun!  And somehow Addi is holding up pretty good.

Today was African American Heritage day in the general session.  And it was so amazing and inspiring!  Among the speakers was LeVan Burton who had some great stories and a sense of humor.

Yesterday and today someone presented the special guests with additional information about their families.  But today was even more fun to see as they presented LeVan with what they found because he was so overwhelmed. They showed him a marriage record that his grandfather had signed and he was in tears. It was so cool to see and feel the power that family history can have!

We have learned so much today as well!  From elusive and unusual records to the next steps on British research to surname maps, it has been great!

Just chillin’ right before class

We have more friends!

This is Lilian from Australia!

We are also big fans of two podcasts we love.  One is also a radio show called Extreme Genes and here is Scott Fisher, the host.  His show has great tips and inspirational stories. Check him out!

We also love Lisa Louise Cook and her Genealogy Gems podcast! She is so fun and savvy. She has such great ideas to make family history fun for everyone.

The cultural event was great tonight! Started out with some African drummers marching through the expo hall. And then many other cultures singing and dancing.

What a super fun day it was!  We are excited for Family Discovery Day tomorrow!


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