Family Discovery Day Rootstech 2017

I can’t believe Rootstech is over already! It has been such a blast. Family Day was no exception!  We had family and friends join us for the fun. 

The first part of the day was still regular stuff going on.  We had the Cake Boss, Buddy Valastro, come speak. That was fun!  He mostly talked about how his career was a family legacy.  He was funny and motivational. 

We then went to a class on storytelling by Kenyatta from the Genealogy Roadshow. That was good too. 

After that,  we tried coordinating with friends and family while in the expo hall. It was a bit crazy!  There were even more people there for family day.  But we made it work and got in right before the general session started.  President and Sister Nelson spoke from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ands it was awesome!  They shared some wonderful stories about the power of family history. And they had some great ideas on how to share stories with family members, like a monthly family newsletter that they keep for the future. Or having a story put into a children’s book and they had their grandkids draw the illustrations for it. If you want to watch them speak,  click here

Here is our friend Scott Fisher again with Extreme Genes radio show dressed up as good Ol’ Abe for the kids on family day.

We missed some of the other stuff because my family wanted to go to the expo hall. But we will be watching them from the LDS website later!  And with the Cake Boss in town,  of course there was a cake competition.  They had the cakes on display so of course we had to go look at those too.  There was just so much to do! The cake that won both the people’s choice and the judge’s choice was a haunted house with so much detail! 

We then went to part of Hank Smith’s talk, who is a motivational speaker and is hilarious. He was trying to relate to the younger kids in the crowd but it was still great.

The closing event was so awesome!  They gave us all cake and then Vocal Point  and Noteworthy, both a capella groups from BYU sang.  They had a little competition and the crowd decided who sang it better for each category. And then they would announce the winners of each cake category.  
Of course they had to sing the closing number together,  which was so fun! 

We really had so much fun at Rootstech! Thank you Familysearch

My sister and sister-in-law came with us. So did my grandparents but we missed them in the picture.

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