Our exciting news! A new way to get kids involved in family history!

Where have we been?  Well, we have been working really hard on a new way to involve kids in family history!  We are so excited to finally announce that we are launching a kid’s subscription box that will help them connect to their ancestors!

Announcing Addi’s Nest,  a fun kid’s subscription box that helps promote meaningful family fun through learning, relating, discovering, and creating. A box that comes every month full of books, games, activities and crafts that aren’t only educational but also a fun way to connect with family.  Perfect for kids ages 4 to 11.

IMG_20170420_215323_128Learn: We include a book every month that is educational and yet fun for kids.  They could be about a historical event or person, different cultures,  or examples of family stories.

Relate: Helping kids relate to family living or passed on is a goal we have for our box. Having them ask family members questions about their lives or relating to historical events that affected an ancestor will be a part of this.

Discover: We want kids to have discoveries about their own family.  Included in the box are different games and activities to help them do just that!  This can also include helping them learn about living family members or keeping their own memories.

Create: A craft will be included each month that will be a fun way of preserving memories or telling family stories.


Addi is again my inspiration and mascot. Through a monthly box,  kids will get to be her friends and she will be sharing pieces of our family story to give examples and share ideas of what they can do with their own family stories.

Our very first box theme is the art of storytelling!


What do you think about this idea?  Do you know kids that would love a fun activities box every month? You can learn more at addisnest.wordpress.com

Love this idea?  Want to win a 12 month subscription?  Click here


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